The things our children will not know until they are older.

So many things we do, our kids won’t know about until their older.

Some of these may include thinking thoughts and doing things which may include the following:

I made dinner, butter chicken and rice, your favorite. We didn’t have enough money so I ate the rice and left over sauce so you could have a big meal. I do this because you are important to me and I know that one day you will appreciate everything I did, not all the time but I do know deep down you realise how lucky we are.

I bought you KFC, a regular combo meal with a sunkist. I had two chips and a piece of chicken so you could have a full tummy. A reward for your amazing debate speech, how proud I was!

We bought you new shorts even if it was from an OP shop but it was the last $20 I had in my account. Ensuring you do not grow up to be one of those kids who thinks OP shops are below them. Enjoying the 30 minutes of just you and me time, exploring trash from others that become treasures of others.

I work full time and have to work on the weekends some times as well. I give up spending time with you so I can pay for your Math’s tutor. It is hard to do, I promise, but when you are older I will explain to you why I sometimes worked 7 days a week or late into the evening helping other parents with their children instead of being home with you. Trust me I did want to be home, but I couldn’t. I wanted to give you every opportunity possible and this meant sacrificing things, such as time with you.

Our children are our everything. We do what we can for them, always, without question. Even if it means spending our last few dollars.

At the end of the day it’s just money and most of the time the best memories we have and make are when we don’t spend any money at all. Rather we take the time to be present.

In saying this, be sure to spend quality time with your little ones and your family. It is not quantity rather quality that counts. They are desperate for your love and full attention. This may come when you are rushing out the door or have other things that seem more pressing in your mind but be mindful that that few minutes of pure and utter attention is more valuable than anything else you could give them.

In doing this you will realise you are in fact not poor. Being wealthy, or having all the money in the world, is not always important. It is beneficial of course, but not always helpful.

At the end of the day you are growing your own wealth, a more important wealth in your children. So be sure to take the time to be present for them.

They are what your legacy will be after all, so think about what legacy you would like to leave behind!

Author: insightintowhatitsrealkylike

Right now I do not even know how to describe me. I am a weak but I am strong, I have hit rock bottom and recovered. Some days I soar, others I hide. Writing comes at the most different of time!

One thought on “The things our children will not know until they are older.”

  1. Aaahhh, that really resonated with me, as I imagine it did with many others. Being a mother involves many sacrifices; many times we gladly go without so that our children can have extra. Often this goes seemingly unappreciated, but I know there will come a day when the penny drops and they will realize the intensity of a mother’s love


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